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At Park Idaho Springs, we are committed to a parking management solution that works best for the residents and businesses of Idaho Springs. We are continually enhancing the customer experience for visitors, residents and employees a like. 

Let us know how we're doing! 

Click here to reach us anytime and send a message through our contact form.


To reach a Park Idaho Springs Ambassador during paid parking hours, please call us at​ 303-825-0429 or send us an email.


We look forward to hearing from you!

what people are saying

“Thanks so much for the quick response. I appreciate getting this matter resolved. You guys are great.”

- CG

“Thank you very much for your prompt reply, and thank you (even more) for voiding the ticket!  We truly appreciate it, and our warm thoughts toward Idaho Springs are only increased by your nice note.  Have a great rest of the week, and thank you again for your prompt thoughtfulness toward our inquiry!”

- KK

“Thanks so much.  I appreciate your help.  Now that I know how it works I will do a better job the next time we are out there.  We make it a point to hit IS at lunch time so we can eat at Tommyknockers.”

- DC

"Great to know how accommodating and immediately helpful you and your colleagues are. I'll convey my thoughts to the powers that are when I have the opportunity.”

- J

“ I just wanted to say thank you for giving a warning. That is super awesome!! It was our first time to Idaho Springs and it definitely helped with the stay!”

- MF

“You guys have been so freaking awesome! Is there anywhere in Idaho Springs I can bring a thank you card and cookies for our local parking ambassadors?”

- R

“I talked to Nick on Saturday... He was so nice and thank you for everything you all do. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.”

- C

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