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employees in downtown area:​​

All affected employees may register their license plates by submitting an Employee Parking Permit application HERE


Permits are approved based on the City Code regarding parking space requirements.


  • You may upload a copy of your W-2 or a letter from your employer to demonstrate your current employment in the downtown area.

  • Once in the system, employees can park for free in the Colorado Boulevard & 16th Street parking lot or along the southernmost row of the main city lot.

  • School and recreation center employees will have parking available in the Idaho and 13th Street lot. Employees who park in paid spots will have to pay.

  • There are free 30-minute and three-hour parking zones throughout the downtown area, and free 12-hour parking is available at the lot at Miner Street and Soda Creek Road and at the parking lot along Highway 103.

Parking Map located HERE

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